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  • Alec MacLeod, M.F.A. has been on the faculty at the California Institute of Integral Studies since 1993. A middle-aged, middle-class straight white male, he is an artist and educator. Learn more at
  • Linda Sartor, a project adviser in a Masters in Leadership program at St. Mary's College and leads vision quests for Rites of Passage.  Since September 11, 2001, she has traveled to Israel/Palestine and Sri Lanka as a peacekeeper (unarmed foreigners in places of violent conflict to provide a protective presence that reduces fear and violence); and Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan as a citizen diplomat. Linda is straight, white, middle-class and lives in a rural intentional community.
  • Penny Rosenwasser, Ph.D. A part-time instructor at the City College of San Francisco, Penny is a social justice practitioner and a white queer Ashkenazi Jew. Penny's recent book, Hope into Practice, Jewish women choosing justice despite our fears, has won 5 awards to date, including the Association for Women in Psychology Jewish Caucus Award for Scholarship; the book includes stories and analysis about  internalized anti-Semitism, its relationship to justice in Israel/Palestine, and the construction of race in the United States. Her previous books include Voices from a 'Promised Land' and Visionary Voices: Women on Power. Penny
  • Carole Barlas, Ph.D. is an adult educator and independent consultant in the field of organizational development and transformative learning. She has been an adjunct professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies and St. Mary’s College. Carole is now retired and is an exhibited painter and a yoga practitioner. She is a white Jewish woman and has two adult children and two grandsons.
  • Doug Paxton, Ph.D. is a learner and educator who is passionate about how we learn from our experience and connect to people and places around us. His Ph.D. in Transformative Learning led to his dissertation research on how white people can work together to address racism in themselves and in organizations. He is on the faculty at Saint Mary's College of California. Born in Kentucky, he now lives in San Francisco with his husband Joe Vassallo.
  • Elizabeth Kasl, Ph.D. has fostered collaborative learning through scholarly work, curriculum development, and pedagogical practice. When she helped form the doctoral program in Transformative Learning at the California Institute of Integral Studies, students of color challenged her and supported her initial exploration of issues of racism and white privilege. As an independent scholar she continues to learn about whiteness and to benefit from the power of group learning as a member of the ECCW.
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