Alec MacLeod

Artist Statement

Small things tell stories.  Whether scaled down miniatures or simply little objects each one speaks of its past as a toy or a found object crafted by an artisan or churned out by a machine. It was made with a purpose, it has had owners, it has been loved or taken for granted. Each one invites our imaginations to wander.
This work, typically in collections of six, places such objects in narrative dialogue with pictorial backgrounds to create new stories. Some of the compartments hold tiny worlds as dioramas. Others are illustrated in ways that augment the object, show its use, or allude to its implications. Even in miniature there is often the evocation of vast space. My themes may be political or romantic, humorous or serious; the pieces are often playful and interactive.
The thread that runs through all of my work is a fascination with the ways that humans see the world. Why do some things please the eye more than others? What is it about the miniature that is so captivating? Why is it that we enjoy having our senses, especially sight, fooled? How can we remind ourselves to truly look at the objects in the world we inhabit? These are just some of the questions I attempt to answer with my art.

Alec MacLeod
Oakland, California
April 28, 2012

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